How to Infuse Mural Ideas Into Your Home Effortlessly

Hey guys, how was your weekend? We are in a new week so do your best to be productive, and have a better outlook on life.

I am not into interior decoration but I can’t help but meddle in it sometimes.

Most people are not a fan of artwork but I can’t help but notice that people nowadays seem to have a piece of art hanging from their living room walls, hallways, and even bedroom walls.

Maybe because it just makes the home well decorated.

Wall Murals just has a way of infusing a colourful blend into your home and makes it feel much more.  Murals can make your space feel more alive, tell a story, create a blissful distraction for you to just stare at.

Take yourself on a journey and look at these beautiful, appealing and imaginative wall murals I compiled for your living room, dining, bedroom, and even your hallway that gives you a view to places and things that appeal to your senses.


This grey and gold living room marble wall mural is so neutral and merges so well with the colours of the living room.

Image via Pinterest

I love the misty forest wall mural, it looks so serene and takes your mind off whatever is going on in the outside world. It makes you feel the presence of nature inside your home.

Image via Pinterest

The city mural with people and building is just so creative and it’s bursting with so much life.

Image via Pinterest


This dining-room area jungle mural is everything, it’s like an enchanted forest.

Image via Pinterest

The deep blue tones is a classic and it’s a unique colour contrast too.

Image via Pinterest



This NewYork skyline wall mural is so charming with its monochromatic theme creates that lofty vibe to a bedroom.

Image via Pinterest

I love the appeal of this misty fog mural. The black and white colour adds to the magnetic feel of the bedroom.

Image via Pinterest



Having to look at your hallway and feel a sense of calm just walking through is the cure for whatever internal turmoil you have going on and that is just how captivating this hallway is.

Image via Pinterest

This hallway mural has an outside eerie feeling to it, which makes it more appealing.

Image via Pinterest


Whatever wistful outdoor interest you have let a mural take you to your favourite place.  I do hope you love them as much I enjoyed compiling them.

Let me know your thoughts about murals. 






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